Even if you have no experience, no laptops, or any product to sell.

YES ! ...... Do You Know You Can Start Your Own Online Business WITH VERY LITTLE CAPITAL And Just YOUR SMARTPHONE ?


Hello Dear,
I am Prince Faith Abuh. I'll introduce myself fully in just a moment but right now. I want you to look at this image below :

This was my first income online, second week I got started with this ancient 3 step system and this is how much money I generated in a single week even more by Doing Partnership Business with Companies.

Yes, Very Real and you Can do this Also... all thanks to this "Great Income Formula  I call [The Muller Hack]

I have a recorded and exact blueprint in a very short video and before this goes public, I want you to steal this for FREE with my permission now, In this free video I will be showing you how to start this simple EVER-GREEN BUSINESS MODEL, with little capital and how you can start making money weekly from it.

Do you want the free Video, so you can learn how I do this?

You'll be redirected to a questionnaire to find out if you're qualified for this business

So back to the introduction...

Prince Faith Abuh (Prof Erudite)
[Top Online Marketer]

Honestly, I have made more than $10,000 [N 6 million+]  with just my phone using the same income formula I am about to show you.

Do You Wanna Learn this High Profitable Income Earning Skill with Me?

If YES, here is what you will Learn and Get:

  • Free Video on How to Make N100K - N300K Weekly Doing Partnership with Companies
  • How to design an effective online system for your Partnership with Companies & other Business to make passive Income
  • BONUS: [Free CPA Marketing Course] that will show you how to make $500 - $1000 per offers worth $250
  • I will be showing you the exact blueprint I and my students have used to CONSISTENTLY and PREDICTABLELY make 6-7 figures weekly so you can copy, paste, and get similar results or even more. Worth 50k for FREE
  • How to leverage on other Partners Platform [click bank, warrior plus, Jvzoo & Others] to make a lot of money Using your High income Skill You Going to develop with the blueprint am gonna reveal to you.

I have showed over 150+ people this ancient No Failed but 3 step system and now I want the next person to be YOU !

Wondering why I'm giving out my secret formula for... FREE?

The truth is, it took Me Many Trials And Errors To Make My First Million. Right now, I earn 3 to 4 figures monthly but I wasn't always like this.....

I started this business 2020 when I finished My NYSC during Covid-19, You Know how it Feels To Finish NYSC and No Job. Parents, Sponsors, Friends who help you School days will finally leave you to yourself that You are now a Graduate, the experience was not really funny.

This period was very very rough for me. During this period, I also had a whole lot of personal issues that I was already trying to sort out and so, it felt overwhelming dealing with everything.

I was Just With an Old Android Phone, if I tell you the Brand you will Laugh, no job and no money, I was broke and frustrated. I was moving towards depression!

I remember sitting on a Bench under a Tree one Afternoon with tears running down my eyes, while I wondered how things would sort themselves out.

After so many weeks of staying down, I encouraged myself, and started looking for a job. I submitted my CV online and offline, attended countless interviews and I got frustrated. After many futile searches, I accepted a Pharmacy job at Lugbe Abuja, that offered to pay me N30k monthly as salary.

₦30k monthly!

This was when I decided to develop HIGH INCOME EARNING SKILLS, then I stumbled on this Powerful Income Model, and guess what happened after I found this secret income Model?

Less than one month later, Made $320 My First Income Online after Many Trial and Error and at this time a Dollar was N360 , and I Got a Phone Infix S5 Pro. This was the beginning of more income flow for me "HALLELUYA"

Instantly, I resigned from my Pharmacy job and also moved into my comfortable apartment courtesy of this same Ancient No Fail 3 step System income Blueprint am about to show you. Not only that, I also helped others achieve 7 figures from their own businesses.

In less than 6 months, I had done over $2000 which N720k at dollar equivalent Rate then,  this was Sales Commission I made from my business Muller Hack am about to Reveal to You.


You're the next person I want to hold hand in hand to make your first Million. Luckily, This Is So Incredibly EASY To Do that even a complete newbie can do it, Yes you can do this.

But the only place you can unlock this "Ancient Secret Selling Formula" is in this Comprehensive Video training

Why You should Learn and  Develop High Income Earning Skills:

Today more than ever before, it is so important to have extra sources of income and to have at least one of them ONLINE.

Why? you may ask

This is because smart people have learned having a business online is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create wealth and even if one income stream closes the online one at least must function and generate an income.

Now let me show you this ANCIENT 3 STEPS NO-FAIL SYSTEM I use to generate Seven [ 7] Figures monthly.

I call this system MULLER HACK (Partnership Business Model).

Here’s how it works

I simply recommend or talk about other someone’s product and when people buy, I get paid a commission of N30k.

I just need to sell 10 of it to make N300k monthly and 25 of it to make N750k monthly.

Outrageous right? Well there are some companies who are making it real big using Partnership Business Model.

And If you are wondering how simple this ANCIENT 3 STEPS NO-FAIL SYSTEM is, I will show you because;

All you need to do is follow this simple 3 simple step process I will be showing you;

  • Join a platform where top experts have listed their own digital products. These products are High Value products that people mostly buy.
  • Choose a product to sell, it doesn't have to be your own product, you just have to find a good sellable product. You sell for a commission. This means if you are selling a N20,000 product, you can make N10,000 in commission (Note: some products cost more than N50,000 and you make 50% Commission)
  • Drive traffic to the product, tell as many people as possible, recommending the product to them. The more people buy, the more money you make.

For instance a company like:

Uber and Taxify own no cars but provide car service, Airhnb owns no house but provide housing and many others.

What this companies do to make smart money is to link people up to other people who provide the service and get paid a nice commission.


  • This is not Multi-Level marketing
  • You don't need to rent a shop or office
  • You don't need to create any product


  • Your smartphone and a good Internet connection
  • Sign up to become an affiliate
  • Pick a product of your choice
  • Promote and earn.

But that’s not all, in order for you to earn at least N300k monthly you need a badass marketing strategy.

This is the same strategy I used in generating nothing less than N300k every month.

I know you are eager to know what this strategy is?

This is why I have created an online class where I will be revealing my proven strategy that has made me achieved this RESULTS.

Here are some of my Recent Earning Payout and Results from MULLER HACK (Partnership Business Model)

Do you Know my Dear Friend,

To make money online is simple, and if you haven't made a dime online before, I totally understand. The main thing is learning how to start right, and this is possible only if you know what works.

 If I were to start all over again, the first thing I would do is to find a business model or strategy that has been proven to never fail over the years.

This is what I will be revealing to you, this simple business model is simple and very profitable. But the only condition is that, you need to put in the work and be ready to take action!

 Testimonial From Students

Starting this Online Biz Has Been the Best thing that has Happened to me and I surely hope that Life will be at it best for me even after NYSC. Thanks Coach Faith             

                              ~ Uche

Faith Abuh is a Mentor, a Teacher and a Leader, He carries us as Student along, He never made us feel this online biz is difficult, am Glad am Learning and Earning Passively through Master Erudite I Sincerely appreciate.

                                                      ~Christabell Chioma

Omo, I always run away from any online business based on my experience meeting Faith was a turning point who Help me with the right mindset to Grow, In fact I was able to buy my Generator from the First Money I made and keep making more money. I appreciate You Mentor Faith.                                                           ~ Folashade Kadiri

How can  I show my Gratitude to Coach Faith, He is to good Apart from the fact, he mentor us as group, He always check on us Individually to make sure we are on the right part and succeed. Honestly I have meet great people, Faith is one of them, He is too Good. Thanks so much for adding value and Helping my Passive Income.                     ~ Mrs Renne

Lastly, My aim currently is to show as many people as possible how to replicate my results in the shortest timeframe possible, and I’ve been successful at that so far.

You may also take advantage of this opportunity to start your studying and earning adventure

The Blueprint I am about to share with you can generate you a minimum of N300,000 monthly, yes minimum with effective implementation from MULLER HACK (Partnership Business Model) in the next 25 days using Whatsapp.

YES, all you need to participate in this training is your phone and internet access and with dedication you’d be making good money monthly.


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