Countable: Accounting Software Honest Review

What is Countable accounting software?

Countable Accounting software is software used by businesses to track financial statements, cash flow, invoicing, bank accounts, and purchase orders etc.

Countable come with specialized functionality for particular business sizes, the self-employed or freelancers, small businesses or enterprises. Because the accounting solution serves a critical business process, it’s often a central component of an organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Countable helps you free up your most valuable commodity: Time. A simple end-to-end online platform, Countable lets accounting firms manage their engagements, documents and practice all on one centralized, automated hub. It takes the menial tasks out of your engagement work, and allows teams and clients to collaborate, communicate and offer feedback, all in real time.

Countable has proudly built a platform that’s so intuitive, you will not only streamline your practice, but help grow and evolve it. Countable is transforming scattered systems into one simple, integrated system. So you can spend more time on work that matters. Built out of an urgent need for better, more nimble technology, Countable helps accountants keep up with the future.


Beats CaseWare for NTR’s – A Rival for Modern Firms

It’s not quite there yet, but after some improvements Countable may be the leading software to manage NTR engagements for firms that are cloud-focused. My firm doesn’t do Reviews/Audits and I wouldn’t use Countable if we did… but there aren’t many good alternatives for a truly cloud based engagement manager for Notice to Readers. If you’re still doing the majority of your year-ends with desktop software backups (QB/Sage), then this may not be the product for you. But if you’re a modern firm with a focus on the cloud, then Countable is a great option.

Integrates directly with cloud accounting software like QBO/Xero -Uses AI/machine learning for account mapping – it’s imperfect, but will improve over time -Easy to learn and fully usable right out of the gate. No customization required. -Best support I’ve ever received from any product/service. The Countable team is dedicated to this product and are constantly accepting feedback and improving it.

Countable has been a lifesaver.

I find that the Countable team is extremely responsive to support requests. They are also very happy to receive suggestions to help improve the software.

Everything about Countable seems easier to use than other software packages that I’ve tried to use. I can link documents, insert comments, adjust a set of financial statements for presentation with very few steps. The presentation is easier for me to manage. And I can switch between companies quickly.

What Countable has to offer:

1. Easy Collaboration

Make changes and comments in real time and track all activities for an open and transparent work environment. Keep your client, engagement partner and manager in the loop, request client documents and be proactive when engagement issues come up.

2. Easy Automation

Countable automatically takes care of the mundane tasks that you’re overqualified for. Create a template once and use it again and again.

3. All The Advanced Features You Need

Join the next generation of future-proof accounting firms with features like the ability to generate financial statements in seconds.

4. Improve Job Satisfaction

Keep your employee happy with more time for meaningful work and professional development by spending less time on manual work that should be automated.Improve Job Satisfaction.
5. Grow Your Firm’s Profitability
Spend more time adding value for clients by increasing efficiency and freeing up resources.
To this End, Countable is making engagements simpler with an integrated and cloud-based platform that enables accountants to automate engagements, standardize work, and centralize workflows.
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Countable’s community engagement platform, a privately-branded social+ network, empowers enterprises to establish a vibrant experience with core communities, garner audience-generated content, and data resulting in increased revenue, retention, and innovation.

Today, Countable’s client list includes, Uber, Starbucks, Patagonia, Twitch, PG&E, and the DNCC to name a few. With over 120 successful client implementations leveraging scalability, security, and flexibility, our platform creates and measures impact.