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Building an 8 Figure Online Business

from the comfort of my Room

Learn my 4 years Complete Internet business secret physically in Enugu State

For the first time in my Internet entrepreneurship career, after training thousands of successful Online business owner virtually and have built my business from scratch to 8 figures, I have accepted to teach only 30 persons physically in a 2 days intensive training

Nigeria Right now is Hard! 

If you earn 30k-200k per month, you might not survive the coming economic crisis and increase in Poverty 

Years ago, I became very intentional about my financial life. I knew that no one will feed me forever. Thinking that the government will place me on a good salary was something I knew won't easily happen because: the country is in debt and still struggling to survive...  of course salary can't solve the need of a Man

As young as I was, I began to search on how I can make a living without having to depend on anyone. 


I then took hold of the internet and mastered the act of Selling, business growth hack and Investment.

I've done eCommerce Business, information Marketing, Sales Affiliate Marketing down to Crypto trading etc.

Today, from earning N10k per month to Millions in a month. 

Don't worry about the proofs of my results from my businesses online, I kept them for you at the end of this page.

My Goal is to Help raise Millionaires who will legitimately have and run their businesses online with just the internet

The SECRET of making money online is: KNOWING HOW TO SELL. Yes!...  and the core secret to wealth is knowing how to invest.

Learning new skills alone is not the problem, if you can't sell your skill, your product and services, making money will not be difficult for you.

Neither will saving money in the bank create wealth for you

This is exactly why I am focusing on 3 core Pillars of financial breakthrough that will turn you in a complete internet business millionaire building realistic and legitimate business while making good investments

Just before I show you these things, I've actually spent the past 4 years of my life mastering these things and have confidently used it to build an online influence, impact and income. 

not just that...

I have accepted to teach everything for the first time

in an Exclusive Physical Event for you.



The 360 Internet Entrepreneur


Business Growth | Sales Mastering | Investment Hack

This Conference will focus on these 3 Core Blocks of Financial Breakthrough

Business Growth

Sales Mastering

Investment Hack

Here are details of what will be taught

  • Business Growth 
    I will be doing an exclusive structural breakdown of how you can pick up any Online Business and grow it from scratch into a big personal business. I will practically reveal the exact growth model I learnt in the past 4 years from experience and my Mentors who have become Billionaires from the internet.  This session will include work-sheet patterns and guide in business scaling, staff management, recruitment and growth pattern.
  • Sales Mastering
    I will be teaching extensively on how to drive massive sales for your online business using expert approach. From setting up your products, market segmentation, ads creative generation, ads copy creation, headline generation, sales page design, Sales funnel setup, Marketing video making, Marketing Graphics, Phone closing,  and email marketing

  • Investment Hack.  Making Money from your business won't create wealth for you, I will be showing you how to multiply your money making good investments while running your successful Online business.

Wait... There is more to it

Let me point out Top highlights of this conference

  • I will teach you my Personal Business Growth Hack that I have used consistently for my business and for my High paying clients
  • I will teach you how to build an expert team and 10x your business revenue easily
  • I will teach you the exact method I use to spot hot digital and physical products
  • I will teach you my exact step process of creating High converting Funnels and show you behind the scene of my successful funnels.
  • I will not only teach you how I make my Ads creatives on the go, I will hand over all my tools that I use for high converting creatives while I watch you do it. Including video making.
  • I will teach you the exact method I have used to Close 99% sales over the phone
  • I will teach you how to close High ticket offers and access High ticket clients for your product
  • I will unleash my sales knowledge in you and watch you replicate it in a practical session
  • In fact, my 4 years Knowledge in Internet Business will be yours.
  • A certification of participation

...of course, each lesson will go with a Real Practical session and exercise by all participant

No way... there is still more!

Complete your registration for the conference and Get Also

My First sales Book title:

Sales Funnel Design Sprint

It has never been sold anywhere

This Book reviews the step by step process of how anyone without little or no knowledge can design a High Converting Sales funnel from scratch for any kind of product

  1. 1
    All the tools Needed: Complete tools needed for the sales funnel design with complete library to get them for free
  2. 2
    Complete Map structure and possible swipe files and template to use in getting it done fast
  3. 3
    Instructed step process with strict timeline for each phase:

Complete your registration for the conference and

Get these FREE Bonuses!

Bonus 1.

Complete e-Commerce Mastery Course

"The 8 in 1 e-Commerce Mastery Course"

Total Value =  ₦60,000

In this Course you will get 8 different course bundles that shows your everything that you need to build an e-Commerce Business empire for your self:


This Pack reviews everything needed to start up a business in Mini Importation from scratch to pro. Aside the videos, I included a book that will become a manual for you to scale in the business.



In this course Pack I revealed how professionals engage in the Business,. The complete Blueprint of how to approach the Business with a 7 figure result.

Course Pack 3: 

Professional eCommerce Website Mastery

In this course pack, I reveal the exact step from scratch to finish how to setup your own eCommerce website. Is a complete mystery revealed.

Course Pack 4:

Professional Sales Pages Mastery Course

I reviewed everything with a step by step guide on how to design and setup your sales page from scratch with all the tools and software to enhance it

Course Pack 5:

The Customer Sales Strategy Mastery: Triple the Cash flow

I reviewed the exact way you can manage your customers, up sell, down-sell and cross sell to them. I also reviewed how to use Chatbots to automate your customer request and offers.

Course Pack 6: 

Local Arbitrage Mastery Course – The Secret Millionaire

I reviewed the exact strategy to keep selling products in the country without having to buy or import from China or any other country. I reviewed how to get suppliers contact who will sell to you at a very cheap price.

Course Pack 7: 

Turning your Skill into a cash flow in eCommerce

In this course, I revealed the exact way you can turn your personal skill into an e-Commerce Commodity and turn in into a cash flow. I also revealed all the hidden e-commerce Business Models that has never been revealed

Course Pack 8: 


Learn how to setup Facebook and Instagram ads from scratch till finish

Course Pack 8: 


it includes:

10+ Hot products and Suppliers with special Ranger Guide to Make sales and 70+ Nigerian Based Home Delivery Agents for eCommerce Products

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today! 

Bonus 2.

 Sales Copy Template Manual

"The Sales Page Blueprint Template that Coverts"

Total Value =  ₦7,000

This Book show you step by step on how to create a sales copy that coverts without having to hire any copywriter to compile it for you.

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today! 

Bonus 3.

 One Month-Intensive Mentorship

"30 Days Additional Inner circle Mentorship"

Total Value =  ₦200,000

You will have access to my private Internet Entrepreneur Life for 30 Days where we will continue implementing everything that will be taught in the LIVE event.

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today! 

Bonus 4.

 Expert Facebook Ads Course

"Funnel Hackers Expert Facebook Ads Course"

Total Value =  ₦15,000

You will gain access to my personal Facebook Ads course that I have never sold publicly, but given few funnelhackers Access to on a paid basis. Fully revealed my 10 Million Naira Ads strategy.

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today! 

Bonus 5.

My Complete Copywriting Library

"My Complete Copywriting Library"

Total Value =50,000

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today!

Bonus 6.

My Complete Internet Software and Tools

"All the Tools (Paid & Free) that I have used in my career as an Internet Entrepreneur"

Total Value = Priceless

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today!

Bonus 7.

Opportunity to Join SWOT experts

"SWAT Experts is a secret Internet Marketers Team that I am grooming"

Total Value = Priceless

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Bonus 8.

Access to be listed on our Sales Expert Platform

"Access to among the First to be listed as a sales Expert on our platform"

Total Value = Priceless

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Bonus 9.

 Access to the Video Recording

"Access to the Recorded Video of the LIVE event"

Total Value =  ₦10,000

Get This For FREE When You complete your Registration for The 360 Internet Entrepreneur Today!

Joshua Mba

Founder, FHC & ATI

About Joshua Mba

Joshua Mba is a Software Engineer and Sales Expert who has spent the past 4 years of his life building products, programs, tools and actively running his online based businesses that has help thousands of people across the world.

He has spoken in Various events as a Software developer and also an Internet Entrepreneur and have successfully helped over 430 Online Business 5x-10x their sales.

He is the founder of (A club housing hundreds of Internet Marketer Across Africa and the US) and Founder of AngelicTEQ Ideas.

He believes he has a mandate to help people gain financial freedom by actively using tools available online to create wealth.

He has published books and various courses that is responsible for creating over 100 Millions Naira in sales from his Premium Students in 2020 alone.

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    Structured Learning Schedule: The power of the points list: use this list to emphasize the most important benefits of your product.
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    Light Meal: We are making available light-meals for you in-between each Session
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    Accommodation:  We will help you make hotel reservations if you're coming from outside Enugu State.
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